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Balancing life

March 6, 2019


As in everything in life you have to find that balance in your life. Recently I took a job in a corporate environment and I actually like the job even though it is nowhere in my pay scale. Living in upstate New York doesn't have much opportunity in my field of media arts and communications.  Most of the jobs in the area are more tech jobs or customer service.  As a professional the environment I work in is pretty laid back and my supervisor who hired me has such a happy personality that the pay does matter but the environment makes up in a way.  Though I have been Lyfting when I get chance to make up the pay difference.


I have been working for two weeks thus far and excited to have some consistent pay coming in.  I have a few freelance customers that I am working with Aaron Frazier is running for City Court Judge and I have been diligently videoing his campaign. I am not looking forward to being out in the cold on St.  Patrick's Day Parade I have to shoot I am not going to lie.  I also have been contact with an old friend who is starting her own clothing line and I am so excited to be working with her to assist her business.  Though my business has been mad slow it seems to be picking up. I am also adding DRONE video and photography to my packages so that folks can really get a full memorable event.  I am looking to purchase my own DRONE next month and register myself with FAA you are not required but when your Afro American in the United States you can't any corners.  

My intern Brenna took some images of me at the Studio for our marketing.  I received many compliments though my face isn't exactly in it's happy stance.  I appreciate Brenna as an artist and hope that we continue this working relationship.  It's ironic how my priorities have shifted to wanting to visit all the folks I promised to visit. It was crazy because this morning Erv mentioned going to visit Lucy in Houston.  I do need to make this year my visiting year because tomorrow is never promised. 


Still trying to balance my swimming and my new schedule I am sure by next week once I have got the rhythm of my work I can adjust. I am looking forward to going to NYC to have my fundraiser at the Shrine NYC on Saturday May 25th. I have already have Mercedes down to perform, I have to get a few more performers for the upcoming event though.  


Lately in Rochester folks have been getting arrested by the FBI and jailed. I kind of figured out a few years ago that Adam McFadden wasn't that stand up person he claimed to be.  Ironically I use to mach with him and Duffy when I first got to Rochester but as most people change so did he.  The local news has Adam McFadden plastered for fraud and George Moses his partner in business promised me work with his school Freedom School  he was also under investigation. I am sure happy I never did any business with them. I think Rochester City Hall needs to be revamped I feel they haven't made much progress in the recent years. Now Erv's cousin LaShay Harris is running for Adam's job I tell you the whole Democratic team is not looking good at all.  I honestly want to run for office so I can make some changes. 

Back at the ranch...

Still working at getting myself healthy and staying positive...


The Filmstress...



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