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need a good swim...

March 27, 2019


Lately I have felt the need for a good swim just to inhale and exhale in a rhythm that can execute my muscles and mind at the same time. Life is a rhythm much like our mind so when our rhythm is off it tends to surrender to the high or the low of that rhythm.  I feel when I swim that I have to replicate a right rhythm or I die and much in life is the same way. One of my favorite bands and singers back in the day was Gloria Estefan with her song "Rhythm is gonna get you"  a true testament of keeping the rhythm. 

Though I know that my life is changing just like seasons change I must remember my focus.  I think most people loose focus o
f their dream or get distracted by life they forget themselves.  No matter my situation I have decided to love myself unconditionally. I am never going to be perfect and that is fine but I am also never going to settle like I have in my past for anything less.  

My mind has been racing on how will I have this fundraiser, where can I have it besides the Shrine NYC. I want to have one in Toronto and think it could work with proper preparation.  


Learning to breathe again after a few bumpy weeks of being off balanced.  Feels good to relax and appreciate my life as the Queen I am.  I think when our rhythm is off,  we have to sync it back up much like a robot when it is drained of power.  The feeling of anxiety has placed itself on the back burner focusing on the goal of at hand which is to finish the film at hand and simultaneously expand my photography business with photography pop exhibits.  I haven't worked much past year due to my car accident so getting back on track with scheduling clients for upcoming shoots and juggling car rides is a challenge.  Though most of our lives are a challenge and either we succeed in our ideas and dreams or we cancel them out.  I refuse to allow my dreams die at the end of the day that's al I have...


I believe we all have to continue living our dreams even when it's inconvenient.

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