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black alchemist journey...

May 16, 2019


I am the Black Alchemist! Lately I have been really sick struggling with colds and flu just lingering in my chest.  I have been observing my scenery funny when you cut the grass real low you can see the snakes.  I'm extremely thankful of the accomplishments I have made in the last few months.  I went swimming and got back to six laps which I was pretty proud of myself, today's goal is to stretch and enjoy the whirlpool.   I can sense my situation is going to change pretty soon and I am so focused at getting back on track with my professional career.   I feel that life allows us opportunities and we have to embrace them or strive to do better.  In my life I am always striving to do better and grow by any means necessary. 


I recall when I read the book the "Alchemist" how the young man would encounter thieves on his journey, but he learned a valuable lesson from that person he encountered.  I feel the same way recently observing behaviors and indecisiveness of people but learning a lesson from them.    As I grow in my life I can recognize behaviors that stagnate my growth and usually take notice and move on.  Never been one to allow situations make me feel bad, as much as I have been through I always keep a good heart.  As a survivor, being homeless, being a survivor of domestic violence I have been strong that no situation will bring me down as long as my soul can thrive.  My spiritual sense tells me when a situation isn't right no matter how much I may be denial the universe always protects me, I am truly thankful for my ancestors that protect me from devils.


I must return back to my schedule of life and what makes me happy. Going to see Peedy this June in North Carolina it will be warm for sure. Looking forward to attending the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam this November.  Looks like we will be flying out of Toronto flights are a hell of a lot cheaper than leaving from Rochester.  After attending Hot Docs this year I am excited to attend another film festival so I can meet other filmmakers, producers and distributors.  

It's healing time for me after this flu and working overtime it's truly time to heal...


Life is:

A mystery, unfold it

A journey, walk it

Painful, endure it

Beautiful, see it

A joke, laugh at it

A song, sing it

A flower, smell it

Wonderful, enjoy it

A candle, light it

Precious, Don't waste it

A gift, open it

Love, give it

Unlimited, go for it

Light, shine in it...


I am all that life is and more...













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