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May 19, 2019

Today is May 19th Happy Birthday Malcom X!


I can recall when I first met Siriya on her grandmothers den behind the kitchen.  Her parents, Kito and Greg had dropped her off before heading to work. Siriya was fastened in a car seat sitting quietly she starting to wake up and I saw her big brown eyes looking around for the first time.  It's crazy how kids grow up so quickly. Didn't seem to long ago when she was picking up her little cousin Erin to show how strong she was.  Every time I saw Siriya she was always smiling and asking when I was bringing Erin over. 


Saturday night I looked through my lens and saw a beautiful girl who I had photographed before at BBQ's with teeth missing and standing here before me was beautiful young lady. I was trying to hold back the tears because I felt like we hadn't seen Siriya enough while she was growing up.

As I looked through my lens I couldn't help but see some of the similarities between her and Erin the goofiness and awkward gestures they had in common.  Perhaps it's a Johnson gene the awkwardness and being tall either way I am so proud of this young lady and she still has much of a journey to go.


It was an honor to snap a few shots for my niece and look forward to witnessing her graduate next year. 


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