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July 2, 2019

It's been a struggle just to get by because my mind has been working overtime.  I have been studying for my FAA test so I can expand my photography portfolio.  I haven't been able to practice with the drone my days off have been drenched with rain.  Though last weekend I could have practiced but my car was acquiring my attention.  I am sincerely proud for Ivoire she seems to be getting herself organized for her business we will see what the future brings.  

Joval went by Dunes place to check in and that was good he Face timed me on Sunday. 


Lately I have been stressed out not being able to focus on my goals, doing menial jobs that aren't paying me my worth.  I have lowered my value and my goals to accommodate others in my life.  I have goals and I feel like my soul is stuck in a position that won't allow me to grow.  I will give it another two months if it doesn't change to reward me financialIy I will have to move on and do what makes me happy.


My birthday is . on the rise and so is Erins and I honestly want to go to a beach away from Rochester.  I might surprise one of my friends and catch a flight I am tired of looking at the ROC though this is the time most tourist come to visit.


My Mom's birthday is one month away and still assembling my gift for her.  I'm waiting to hear what her favorite song is so I can incorporate it into my gift.  I can't believe my mother is going to be 75 years old that's amazing.  I can't believe I will be 52 this year thats phenomenal in itself.  I am truly grateful and thankful to make it to this ripe age and have so much work ahead of me.  


 I am saddened because my spirit feels like it is being choked.  I can't stay stagnated in this mood I have to remove all negativity and move towards the light of love.  Though my situations seems to dim my mood, I must uplift my spirit so I can grow to be the awesome individual I was destined to be.  


I'm working on lifting my spirit so I can soar like an Eagle...


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