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Master nicholle

July 28, 2019



I took the time to listen to Oprah's Master Class and it was just what I needed to hear.  So many times we will force in our lives what we think is best instead of allowing the universe to use our talents and skills.  I admit that I am one to under estimate my talent that I will settle for less. Settling and compromising will always leave one feeling unaccomplished because they loose sight of their dream.  


These past few months I lost myself into a world that I put myself into.  It wasn't forced I made the decision to enter at my own risk.  I think in life our soul whispers to us, what is for us and what is not.  As humanity has shown in the past we will ignore our soul's whisper for a feeling, emotion, or even something materialistic.  I am extremely thankful for the experience because I gained wisdom and knowledge from every struggle that is what makes me the wise woman I am today.  I need no directions because my GPS is set to success and that is all that matters.


My youngest daughter and I were library hopping which I do from time to time when parking is timed at the Central Library downtown Rochester.  Sitting at our favorite library the Phillis Wheatley listening to the children in the background bringing life to a building that shares so many stories.  Planning my next chapter to raise money for the film and bring publicity has been a challenge. 


Good news friends and family, Rochester Documentary Filmmakers has invited me to be a part of their September Panel which is awesome.  I really needed to be included so I can network with other filmmakers and artists.  I am truly grateful for Linda for always thinking about me and including me, that means a lot to me.  


I have to study today for my FAA test that I had planned to take when I get back when I get back from out of town in August.  I am having slight anxiety, I'm not gonna lie because that map of the airport is confusing glancing at it first look.  Now I am able to decipher if the airport is closed and the major airports code and the height of above ground level and above sea level.  I feel slightly fulfilled but will hellified fulfilled when I pass this FAA test next month. I need to pass it so I can charge businesses for these awesome drone shots I am going to take and freelance my services. I feel like, since I already started an open dialogue with Mercedes Benz of Rochester why not make them my goal for a client in the near future?


I am so looking forward to what the future is going to bring to my life. I am feeling rejuvenated slowly but surely the past few months were draining to my psyche now I am free.  I know it's a fact when you think clearly you get more things done and surrounding yourself with like minded people also helps one to succeed and keep the momentum going.   


Mastering my talents and skills is a process that continues to keep me on my toes.  Either with the new software for editing or new cameras on the market.  It seems technology is always changing and to stay valid and on top of your career you have to stay informed and always have a willing spirit to learn.  Teaching myself this drone has been a challenge, I have been able to lift off and have it return my challenge now is to take awesome images without crashing my new drone.  I am excited every time I go and fly it's anew experience for me and just wish I was better like the young kids with the hand controls.  The controls on the DJI platform are much like the controls the kids use for gaming so for an OG like me I have to learn the rhythm of using those hand controls.  I am going to get it eventually my youngest daughter is quick with the thumb looks like I am going to have to take some pointers from her.


Just few words from my journey of life...




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