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Mom’s 75th birthday celebration

August 28, 2019

I was siked that we had a surprise 75th birthday party for my Momz in Georgia. It was a complete surprise because she was in her own world missing her family and her wishes came true she was able to see me and the fam. Though Eve didn’t go it wa still a memorable occasion. 

Donnel and Bill did an awesome job at keeping it a secret from an inquisitive woman. The event went well except for the next morning when I decided to stop by and say my goodbyes. My mother seemed to want to start her shanigans with finding something to complain about.  It was the same song as usual there must be something wrong with Erin she doesn't talk much.  My mother is so use to all my children being loud and aggressive that when one is different there has to be a psychological issue surrounding the issue. I was able to dismiss her concerns because she has made the statement before.  What I wasn't pleased about was her discussing the issue of Erin in front of people who were not immediate family.  I let it go because I'm not going to get into an argument over a suggestion from a non mental health professional.  

I am glad I went to experience the celebration thats all that counts at the end of the day...








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