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September 4, 2019


Like many Americans I sometimes want more than what I need in life. Lately I have seen folks names on the silver screen asking the question why not me? Did I not work hard enough did I not reach out to others for assistance or help. Why not me? 

As I get older each year I am grateful for each day the creator has blessed me with including the days that aren’t so pleasant. Each year we see someone who has passed before their time and we say dayum they were young. 

Recently I spent the night at my mentors house in Manhattan and some ancestors visited me who I hadn’t spoken to since they were living. I was scared for a moment but then as the souls spoke to me I was relaxed they were just checking in on me.  I told a few select individuals of my experience including my mentor who didn’t seem surprised at all. 

Today I am grateful for all the experiences the creator has blessed me with the good and bad.

I think when your grateful the creator is pleased we are acknowldging the greatness and will continue to bless us. as she sees fit. 

I think when your grateful your showing great appreciation for life and the what the creator has done in our lives.  I’m grateful for my family, home and the skills the creator has blessed me with most of all.

What are you grateful for my friend? 

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