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October 2, 2019


This year has literally flown by and it's now October.  Today was a good day I went to the doctor to see my grandbaby in an ultrasound.  Unfortunately I can't reveal the sex because I am on gag order from the parents..oh well. Anyways I finally feeling like a Grandma I am so happy that they included me in the process.  

I am starting a new trailer edit and seeking to reshoot my interview.  I am pretty excited because I have more footage to add to my project.  I have thought out what is the main message I want to convey and what do I really want to say creatively.  This fall is going to be special and I'm looking forward to the change in weather.  Trying to figure out when the leaves will change so I can go shoot the fall leaves and trees change colors.


Today in the news the white woman police officer in Dallas was found guilty.  America needed to finally come clean and do what was right. How the hell do you shoot a man in his own home and think it was your home? 


My daughter has been in hiding and hasn't spoken to me since I was last in the city, which was in August.  Her lost though because I sincerely tried to keep a relationship with her and the kids.  She has built this wall up once again where I believe she is overwhelmed but instead of allowing her family to help she rather complain about me.  I have gotten use to my children blaming me when shyt doesn't go right in their life.  Adianna has me busy anyways with coordinating the baby shower for January so I have to rent the cabin by the middle of the month. It would be nice if Ivoire could come up for the shower and stop acting out.


Well if it's nothing one thing it's another. I am sincerely happy that I can always hit the whirlpool when times like these hit. Thank Gawd for the YMCA!



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