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being advocacy artist

November 5, 2019


I've had some time to think about what I am and who I am and I realized

I am an advocacy artist.  Lately I was nominated for an artist collective but unfortunately they were disorganized and unprofessional so I declined the offer.  It was unfortunate that the woman who was suppose to reach out to me was being petty.  After numerous emails and nearly a month later she decides to email me the form to join I had to decline.  I have done fellowships and fulfilled grant responsibilities and what I have learned is if folks start off lousy the experience will be just that.  As I have got older in age I can spot them a mile away and I know when it's time to walk away when situations are dysfunctional.  No love lost though I felt the woman was jealous of me and wasn't sure how to handle me so I made the decision for her.  I'm too old to be playing games at my age. I'm a simple artist that works with sincere individuals whose causes align with my own. I'm going to finish my film and campaign for sexual assault awareness and mental health like I should.  A few years ago I had an idea to do a library tour and use that as a platform to introduce audiences to my films and produce a book for my audiences.  It has been a struggle and my experience is unique of the people who have shunned me and the folks who have helped me to get my message to the masses. 


Tomorrow I am going to vote for Supreme Court Judge and it won't be Meredith Vacca she couldn't even call me back for my film and my interns called as well and they ignored us  so if you can't communicate with the community I can't vote for you.  I also am not voting for Sandra Doorley she allowed Latasha Shaw's killers go free and jacked up the case I was there by Charnette's side when she merely apologized like letting Latasha's killer was alright.  Naw she could never get my vote and that is why I am voting for Shawnie Mitchell, Cheryl DiNolfo, Karen Bailey Turner and the Police Accountability Board I could careless what others do but those are the women and ethics I believe in.


This evening I reached out to my neighborhood libraries to do my tour on sexual assault awareness and mental health for April 2020.  A few of them returned emails and were interested now if I can cover the whole state of New York Libraries I'm on to something. I worked on my book today and still have some images to polish up but am excited they are coming along and I am starting to see the book project come to fruition.

I am a woman of virtue and am thankful for who I am and what I stand for and refuse to subjected to petty situations or experiences.  I am Nicholle La Vann and I'm proud to be a survivor and advocacy artist!


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