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Loving the libraries

November 13, 2019


As a child I have always loved libraries mostly because as an only child it gave me a getaway experience.  I have always had a great imagination and reading was my past time. Lately my life has been going just the way the creator has planned for it to go.  I have been organizing events for some time and finally have come to a balance.  People who have known of my talent, advocacy and passion have positioned themselves in my life for the good.  

Over ten years ago I released my film Homicidez at the Cinema theater and the theater was packed.  I recalled a man coming up and informing he brought some teenagers to come see the film.  I felt so honored that he thought my film would be a good fit for teenagers in the community. I thanked him and got back to the film.  It was ironic but a librarian I knew informed me of an opportunity for a woman artist of color so she nominated me.  I was excited because the artist space was conveniently down the street from me.  The universe was watching and I informed the librarian about the person not wanting to assist me when I met with her on one occasion. The universe worked itself out that I not be a pet of a disorganized situation. 

I’m still patiently waiting for some libraries to get back to me and that’s alright the outcome of helping my community is the key.

Today a woman apologized to me for treating me unkind. I forgave her because what did it cost me to say no worries? Though life treats us with kicks and punches we must always keep the mindset of tenacity to never give up. I’ve been exhausted the last couple of days and my body had been acting up. I am not quite sure but I think I’ve been having anxiety attacks hopefully it’s a feeling I can exercise away. 

I’m going to start timing my walking in the treadmill because I honestly don’t put enough time into my cardio. The older you get it’s a battle for time and exercise but disciplining myself is a challenger that doesn’t come easy. 

This week I’ve met some awesome people and it was an honor to share my advocacy work with a few selected souls. Looking forward to going to Sachees performance in Brooklyn this week!

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