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United We Stand - Pistol Peedy
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Inspirationz from Peedy Da God

February 10, 2020

Peedy is my oldest Sun who is currently incarcerated down south. Though he is locked up his spirit is inspiring to me.  Recently he write me a letter inspiring me to stay focused and I really needed to hear those words.  

My youngest Sun, Sachee is expecting his first child sometime this month and I am super excited to meet the little lady.  Sachee will be in for a big surprise having his own child and I am happy he has made it thus far in life.  I have been listening to him as he grows emotionally realizing the responsibility of having his first child.  

This week has been crazy in the news and media, Snoop cursing Gayle King out on Instagram and he had every right to share his feelings because as a journalist she was pathetic when it came to her interview with Lisa Leslie.  I can't even imagine what Vanessa Bryant must be feeling to go be selecting caskets for her daughter and her husband while scandalous people like Gayle King attempt to drag her husbands name through the mud.  My heart really goes out the Bryant family and may love surround Vanessa and the girls as they go through this difficult time.


Yesterday, I had the honor to watch Who Killed Malcom X? A phenomenal series that was produced by a man who gives tours in Washington, D.C.I was so inspired because I have been getting depressed on how long it has taken me to shoot my own documentary.  I have run out of money and my doc has come to a stand still with no interns, no help, no money I can't express how down and depressed I feel.  I have reached out to numerous people in Rochester but most of the folks are fake as shyt in this town and the Black folks like to stick each other in the back unless they can use you.  I trust nobody because time after time every time I have opened my heart and applied my skills to help folks they seem to have an agenda and I end of getting the short end of the stick.  The worst characters in this town are the super religious they are so hypocritical they smile and wish the worst for you in the same breathe.  I guess that is why I am so turned off by the religious institutions  because they are so much of a business they don't even have the caring sense that religious organizations use to have.  I guess when folks tell me about their religion I tend to say to myself here goes another one.  

I feel though my heart is in the right place but the money is not there and I am continuing battling for time for myself and not enough support from the folks who are in my company.


My mother is coming up to visit next month and my house looks like shyt I am so embarrassed the ceiling has a whole in it the dining room and the hallway upstairs.  I have never lived like this before in my life where my living environment was so embarrassing.  I have planned to paint what I can so that it is comfortable for my mother.  I am truly thankful that Ervin was able to put the sink in the kitchen it looks better.  I just wish Ervin would charge his brother the proper rent so we don't have to keep struggling or rent it to a tenant that can pay the going rate.  I know it's his brother but he is seriously getting over on Ervin and that's one of the many reasons I don't respect him.


My next chess move is to research some millionaires and reach out to them.  I reached to Ellen Degeneres and never heard back from them I guess I will reach out to some different celebrities and see where that leads.

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